Genetic testing in familial cancer is new and effective. Relatives with the mutation can have targeted surveillance, and those without can be spared it. The initial step of finding the mutation is expensive, and is often difficult to interpret. International databases can assist in interpreting these findings, but the vast bulk of information from diagnostic laboratories is never shared.

The proposed MAWSON database is an online repository of genetic data that is collected semi-automatically from laboratories. Laboratories can review these data to improve the quality of test interpretation, thereby reducing uninformative testing.

MAWSON also ensures national consistency in reporting. These data can be used to monitor the quality of genetic testing, and the collated data can be readily submitted to international databases. While this model is being developed in the context of familial cancer, it would be immediately applicable in all areas of genetic testing both in Australia and internationally.

MAWSON will consist fro mseveral independent components implemented on Ensemble/Cache platform. Most of these high level components will be implemented a Ensemble Business Process.

Basically, the final products will include the following functions: data acquisition, curation, Discussion platform of gene variants, variants searching and exporting, messaging of data changes, data and system auditin and reporting.

At present, the project is in progress and detailed specification was released last month.

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